Food & Beverage

Full al Le Carte Menu

Kitchen 8am - 9pm

Poolside / Bonfire Cocktail Bar

Bar 8am - 00am

All Day Breakfast

Tsitsikamma Breakfast

Swop your Roosterbrood for Gluten free low carb toast

Go ape with our regular, 2 eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, grilled tomato served with toasted roosterbrood, Butter and Jam

R 60.00

Breakfast wrap

Available in Flour or Gluten free low carb

The Ultimate Breakfast explosion of Egg, Bacon, Cheese and a tomato and onion relish wrapped in a flour tortilla toasted to perfection

R 60.00


Traditional mouth-watering egg omelette stuffed with bacon, cheese and tomato served with a toasted roosterbrood, butter and jam

R 60.00

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Jumbo Croissant

Also available in Gluten free medium croissant

R 80.00

Bakes and Cakes

Jumbo Chocolate, Vanilla, Blue Berry and Carrot nut Muffins

Available in Normal and Gluten Free (chocolate & Carrot nut)

Cheese and Jam R 65.00

Plain muffin R 40.00

Cheese / Chocolate chip Croissant

Jumbo Croissant cheese and Jam R65.00

Cheese and Jam R 50.00

Plain croissant R 30.00

Sweet Buns

Chelsea Bun with Cream Cheese R 45.00

Cinnamon Bun R 35.00


Death by Chocolate R 60.00

White Chocolate Hazelnut R60.00

Barone Mousse R 60.00

Red Velvet R 60.00

Lemon Cheesecake R 60.00

Magnum Ice cream flavours R 40.00

Kids Menu

1 Egg, 1 bacon and slice of toast R 50.00

Chicken Nuggets and chips R 60.00

Grilled cheese sandwich and Chips R 50.00

Ham and Cheese Tortilla pizza R 60.00

Vegan Tortilla Lunch Base Pizza

Tomato, Olives, Onion, Mushroom, Vegan Yeast

Thin Tortilla Base R 85.00 / Standard Pizza Base R 105.00


Grilled chicken and Bacon salad with fresh garden greens

R 85.00

Greek Salad

Olives and Fetta tossed in fresh garden greens and cucumber

R 70.00

Add a side

Crispy Rustic chip R 25.00

Sweet potato chips R 35.00

Tasted Cheese R 50.00

Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Ham and Mushroom or Pineapple

Classic Regina topped with our homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, mature cheddar, ham and Mushrooms or Pineapple

Thin Tortilla Base R 70.00 / Standard Pizza Base R 90.00

Salami, Chilli, Olives, Fetta

Spicy delicious homemade tomato sauce, fresh garden chilli, salami, Mozzarella and Mature cheddar

Thin Tortilla Base R 80.00 / Standard Pizza Base R 100.00

Chicken, Onion Marmalade, Camembert

Chefs Choice of salty and sweet Tomato Tortilla base with roast chicken, homemade onion marmalade and Camembert

Thin Tortilla Base R 90.00 / Standard Pizza Base R 110.00

Meaty BBQ

Deliciously meaty combination of salami, bacon and ham dressed in BBQ sauce, on a tomato base tortilla and Mozzarella

Thin Tortilla Base R 90.00 / Standard Pizza Base R 110.00


Traditional Mushroom, olives and sundried tomato on a thin tortilla base, Mozzarella, and mature cheddar

Standard Tortilla Base R 80.00 / Standard Pizza Base R 100.00

Toasted Sandwiches with your choice of Bread

Chefs’ choice – South African Fire Bread Roosterbrood R 20.00

Sweet Potato Bread (gluten free/keto) R 20.00

Classic White or Brown Bread R 10.00

Jumbo Croissant R 20.00

Keto Bun R 20.00

Choose your Filling:

Plain Cheese R 50.00

2 cheese, Pesto, Lettuce R 50.00

Ham, cheese, Tomato R 60.00

Chicken Mayo, Lettuce R 60.00

Bacon, Egg and Cheese R 60.00

Roast chicken, Camembert & Onion Marmalade, Lettuce R 70.00

Pulled Pork on a bed of Lettuce R 70.00

Beef Brisket on a bed of lettuce R 70.00

Club bacon, Chicken, Tomato, Lettuce R 70.00

Add Your Sides

Crispy Rustic Spiced Chips R 25.00

Large Rustic Chips R 45.00

Sweet Potato Chips R 35.00

Side Garden Salad R 25.00

Side Greek Salad R 35.00

Prego Steak Roll

150g sirloin steak cooked to your specification topped with homemade chilli Sauce served with Spiced crispy rustic chips or Greek Salad

R 115.00

300g Sirloin

Sirloin steak salted with Rosemary cooked to your specification served with a fried egg and spiced crispy chips

Add BBQ Sauce, Pepper Sauce or Cheese Sauce

R 165.00

Toasted Chicken Wrap

Roast Chicken, Fetta, fresh tomato, and lettuce with a sweet pink chilli sauce tightly wrapped in a toasted tortilla (available in gluten free low carb) served with a side Greek salad or spiced rustic crispy chips

R 85.00

Curried Karoo Lamb Kababs

2 Free Range Lamb Kababs served with your choice of Greek Salad or Rustic Crispy Chips and roosterbrood

R 165.00

Chicken Butter Curry

Authentic Locally Made Durban Butter Curry in a bowel served with handmade Naan Bread

R 95.00

Vegan Lasagne

Butternut, spinach, and Sundried tomato dressed with a unique coconut cream sauce topped with vegan yeast served with Garden Green Salad

R 95.00

Vegetarian Lasagne

Spinach, Mushroom and Fetta filling layered between pasta sheets and white sauce topped with Mozzarella and Mature cheese baked to perfection served with a fresh garden salad

(Available in gluten free low carb)

R 95.00

Traditional Beef or Chicken Lasagne

Homemade meat of choice filling slowly cooked and layered between pasta sheets and white sauced topped with Mozzarella and Mature cheddar cheese baked to perfection and served with a side garden salad

(Available in gluten free low carb)

R 95.00

Hot Beverages

Americano R 25.00

Cappuccino R 30.00

Latte R 30.00

Instant Nescafe R 20.00

Choc chino R 35.00

Hot Chocolate R 25.00

Rooibos hot chocolate R 25.00

Mint white hot chocolate R 25.00

Italian Hot Chocolate R 25.00

Chai Hot Chocolate R 25.00

Expresso Single shotR 20.00

Expresso double shotR 40.00

Rooibos Tea R 25.00

5 Roses Tea R 25.00

Honey extra R 15.00

Cream Extra R 10.00

Cold Refreshments

Coke R 20.00

Coke zero R 20.00

Fanta Orange R 20.00

Sprite R 20.00

Lemonade (craft) R 40.00

Appletiser R 25.00

Grapetiser R 25.00

P/Fruit and lemonade R 25.00

Apple Juice R 25.00

Orange Juice R 25.00

Sir Strawberry Juice R 30.00

Sir Pineapple Juice R 30.00

Sir Lemonade Juice R 30.00

Sir cold pressed spinach and mint R 40.00

Sir Ginger 100ml booster shot R 25.00

Sir Immunity shot booster R 25.00

Sir Berry Smoothy R 35.00

Sir Tropical Smoothy R 35.00

Large Milkshake (Oreo and smarties)R 60.00

Kids Milkshake (Oreo and smarties)R 45.00

Winter Warmers

(June, July, August, September)

Orange Butternut

Homemade Butternut Soup with a hint of orange satisfaction

Cup with a toasted cheese R 55.00

Bowel with a toasted cheese R 75.00

Traditional Pea and Ham Soup

Slow cooked peas with pork and veg and chunky ham

Cup with toasted cheese R 60.00

Bowel with Toasted cheese R 80.00

Dear Valued Guests

A heart-warming welcome to Arias, Tube n Axe as well as Blackwater Tubing.

Our Family run business is a small friendly environment that encourages beauty, warm smiles, peace and tranquillity, it is the essence of who we are, and we hope that we are able to share our love of Nature, 70 % Organic Food from our Garden and love we share for Adventure with you.

The Property boasts 15 Ensuite Small to Medium size rooms individually situated in our gardens with some having stunning mountain views and other hidden in indigenous gardens. All you see and touch was amazingly built by Marius Marnewecke himself, being no expert and by no means fancy who enjoys the simple way of life and hopes to encourage more folks to stop, see and experience a different side of life.

We have a small staff base due to Covid and Recovery and ask for your patience while we rebuild our dream with the staff we have.

Our Food is Freshly made, and some items will take longer so please ask before placing your order. Our food contains no sugars or preservatives.

Enjoy your Meal or Stay with us and we look forward to meeting you while you are here,