celebrations & events from weddings to 18th birthdays

Life's an adventure!

small intimate weddings at low cost.... here's what we have to offer:

stunning outdoor seating

fully stocked and licensed pool bar

delicious foods

stunning indoor/outdoor social area

forest /garden wedding ceremony and photos

Relaxed atmosphere


eating at tube 'n axe is an experience with our interactive open fire cooking

we do a variety of dietary requirements from full blown carnivore to vegan keto an banting.

full catering requirements

open fire cooking

stunning food displays

We can help you plan your personal small to medium forest and outdoor wedding within your budget

Free use of or venue and facilities includes the following at our standard rates:

  • booking all 14 rooms minimum 2 nights (special dinner bed & breakfast packages available including activity options)

  • booking 1 dormitory room (14 beds) minimum 2 nights

  • booking all of our catering services (breakfast, lunch and dinners)

  • the use of our bar (customizable stock list)

  • excluding staff fees (200 per staff member required)

  • all hired equipment such as tables , chairs etc will be at your on account including delivery from and to plett


  • wedding management and arrangements as to your request

  • ordering and finding quotes

  • chef

  • we will contact all your guests for accommodation options and packages and manage this for you.

  • brides room

every wedding is different as well as every budget, we will try our best to ensure you have the most amazing successful wedding.

for a quote or more information please call Natasha 0797759284 / info@tubenaxe.co.za

wedding party

the boys



table decor

happy kids

so what you waiting for

special moments